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Hunting Rules

Hunting shall be conducted in accordance with applicable game laws and regulations. All hunting should be characterized by ethical hunting practices. A one-day hunting permit is a right of use that applies on SCA’s land within a confined hunting area ­– these areas are demarcated by a red line on the hunting map in the web shop– and according to the hunting schedule.

When moose hunting and small game hunting are carried out simultaneously, this should be coordinated by both parties to ensure a high margin of safety. Restrictions to small game hunting should be avoided as far as possible.

When moose hunting is taking place, small game hunters are required to contact the person responsible for the moose hunting area, or the leader of the hunting team.


Hunting Policy

Hunting on SCA´s land:

  • is an integral part of forest management
  • should be conducted in accordance with the long-term forest management and conservation goals by developing and thinning game herds in balance with their food supply to promote biodiversity and valuable forest production
  • should be carried out by well-trained hunters in accordance with the applicable Game Act, SCA’s hunting rules and ethical hunting practices.
  • is a significant source of recreation for many people
  • should be based on trustful, long-term cooperation with the hunters and their organizations


Foto: Calle Berdberg
Foto: Calle Bredberg


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