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Moose hunting in Norrbotten

Moose hunting in Norrbotten county.

The booking fee of SEK 5,000 is paid through the selected option when booking in the web shop (bank card or Klarna Check-out).

An invoice for the remaining amount of SEK 35,000 is sent with 30-day payment terms. The price include VAT.

Price variation may occur depending on the area and the current price is reformed in the product description for each hunting area.

Free cancellation until June 1st. Prices and terms are subject to change.

It is not permitted to hunt in close proximity to ongoing felling, wind power construction or other forestry measures. As a hunter, you must therefore pay attention and be sure that no forest work is taking place in the area in wich you will be hunting.

Be aware that reindeer herding may be taking place in the area and we assume that you take due account of this. This means that you should not disturb the reindeer husbandry, e.g. avoid the use of scooters. Remember that a dog chasing reindeer is an offense against the Reindeer Husbandry Act.

Information about the responsible Sami Village on the land can be found on the Sami Parliment´s website. Samebyar - Sametinget

For the assignment, in addition to the above, the laws and regulation in force at any time apply.

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