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Overall information on moose hunting SCA

Hunt moose on SCA´s land.

Overall information on moose hunting SCA

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Product Description:

Here you will find short-term rentals for moose hunting on SCA's land, welcome to book!

Under news, you will find every year, up-to-date information about when we plan to start the work of opening up new short-term hunts to book. Usually the opening takes place during the month of February, but we post information regularly at the beginning of the year under news so you can stay updated.

The final booking date for five-day short-term lets in September/October is 1 June. One and two-day short-term rentals are open until the day before hunting day.

Always contact the hunt leader on the ground at least two weeks before hunting. Contact details for hunting leaders can be obtained from the responsible game manager (contact details for game managers can be found in the product description) or via

No extra allocation will take place on the grants.

Standing charges on other SCA land do not apply to these short-term leases.

New for 2023 is that once a short-term rental has been booked, it will be removed from the web. So only bookable short-term rentals are visible under each region. Canceled short-term rentals are opened and made visible again.

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