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Here you can buy your hunting license for small game hunting.
Follow the instructions below the map.

jaktkort småvilt



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How to buy a daily hunting permit for small game:

• Select municipality at the top of the map. Then click on the area where you wish to hunt.

• Choose your nationality through clicking on the respective flag at the top right corner of the webpage. Then choose the date you wish to hunt in the selected area. (In order to register your hunting license correctly with your social security number you need to select the correct nationality before you enter your details.)

• Fill in your personal details. ​

• When you are finished, click on Add to cart.

• If a hunting license is not available on the specific date that you selected, you will receive a notification about that. 

• For information about payment or similar, please read more on our page for purchase conditions. (Unfortunately, this page is not available in English yet. We are working on an English translation.)

• When your payment is done, you will receive an email with an order confirmation and further instructions to follow.

Hunting is only permitted on SCAs properties within the selected hunting area. SCA’s properties are marked in green on the map.

In 2024, SCA Skog AB has chosen to have the language options Swedish and English on our webbshop.

Important: Everyone who is hunting in Sweden must pay the Swedish hunting permit fee (statligt jaktkort) which needs to be bought separately to your daily hunting permit at SCA. Login to the Hunting Registry to pay for and retrieve your Swedish hunting permit. More information can be found at The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency: here.

During the moose hunting season, you are obligated to contact the ordinary hunting leader for your selected hunting area. You will find contact information on your order confirmation.

After you finished hunting you shall report bag statistics to the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management (Svenska Jägareförbundet). Follow the instructions on your order confirmation.

As the hunting license is personal, it is required that you register the correct social security number for each individual hunter.

NOTE: Bag-limit small game: When hunting small game, a maximum of 3 forest birds of the species orre and capercaillie may ge taken per day.

If you receive the message: The area has no available cards for the following dates, then the area is either closed for the purchase of hunting cards or sold out.

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